Lee lives in Mill Spring and is married to April Pauley Mink, a Registered Nurse, and has three daughters and three grandkids. He is a sustainable farmer who actively supports our area’s expanding farm industry. He teaches sustainable farming and farm related business and marketing classes in Polk County and Western North Carolina. As a resident, he has developed a deep love for Polk County, the rural character, the natural beauty, and the diversity of the land and people. “More so than anything else, our rural heritage binds us together as a community. It is our value, our worth. Polk County is our home and like all my neighbors I embrace what this county has to offer with gratitude and thankfulness. I consider it a blessing to live here. It is the best place to live in this entire country.”

Each year Lee shares his knowledge teaching a 2 day sustainable ag class in Polk County. Here is one of his handout listing the books he has read and recommends to attendees. Lee Mink Library