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Farm Beginnings® Year-Long Farmer Training Applications Open!​​

Looking to launch or expand your farming business?Join this 210+ hour Farm Beginnings® Farmer Training Program!

Many skills are required to start a successful farm: passion, clear goals, production experience, financial and marketing know-how, and more. The Farm Beginnings® class is a 12-month training session that helps beginning farmers clarify their goals and strengths, establish a strong enterprise plan and start building their operation. The course uses a mix of farmer-led classroom sessions, on-farm tours, and an extensive farmer network. Farm Beginnings® is designed for new and prospective farmers who want to plan a profitable farm business. Students do not need to currently own land, but some farming or production experience is helpful to get the most out of the class.

 2018-2019 Farm Beginnings® Farmer Training is 210+ Hours including:

-- Winter Whole-Farm Business Planning Courses – 60 hours (October – March)**

-- ASAP’s Business of Farming Conference (February) – 8 hours

-- OGS  Conferences – 40+ hours

-- Mentorship with an experienced Farmer Mentor (March – September) – 15 hours

-- Production Training – 45 hours (April – October): WNC CRAFT tours on sustainable farms around WNC & Field Days at the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy Incubator Farm

-- One year WNC CRAFT Farmer Network membership – Membership and mentoring in a regional farmer network

Farm Beginnings® 2018-2019 will be hosted in partnership with Growing Rural Opportunities, in Mill Springs, NC. The mission of GRO is crafting and creating opportunities for local farms and communities by facilitating public education about, and advancement of, agriculture. Location of winter classes: GRO- Growing Rural Opportunities at the Mill Spring Agricultural Center, 156 School Road, Mill Spring, NC 28756 (Polk County) 45 minutes from Asheville, NC

Farm Beginnings® is a part of the Farm Pathways project, funded by the USDA BFRDP program, in partnership with WNC Farm Link and


Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy




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