This post is split into two parts. 
Part 1 will be text and part 2 will be an amazing video linked at the bottom.

There are many wonders between heaven and earth, but sometimes one needs to look just below their feet to find things unimaginable!

Tens of thousands intelligent organisms living in subterranean megalopolis’s all around the world may be more common then we think. It is possible that you pass buy them everyday with out the faintest idea.

Looking at this structure it is easy to speculate that an architect was at the forefront of the design and execution. When designing this structure ventilation and efficient movement pathways were paramount. Why, what is the purpose of having consistent flow of fresh air and efficient routes. Why not a scenic byway?

There are subterranean highways connecting main junctions and chambers. Branching off of those main routes are side roads that lead to fungus gardens, rubbish pits, and birthing sanctuaries.

The structure covers 50 sq meters and plunges 8 meters into the earth. During the construction 40 tons (2,000 lbs) of soil was excavated and brought to the surface. Billions of trips were needed to complete this task. Each load weighed four times as much as the worker carrying it and in human terms, it was carried 1km (.62 miles) to the surface.

An unbelievable feat done with no tools or equipment! What creature was at the core of this build? Continue to part 2 below to find out!!!

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