Grow Food Where People Live

The Grow Food Where People Live (GFWPL) program brings food to every neighborhood. Started in 2014, the program creates edible landscapes, family gardens, and communal micro-farms to enable communities that are in need of access to good food can grow their own supply. The program started in conjunction with Groundswell International and now resides with GRO in perpetuity.

GFWPL concentrates these efforts on a vulnerable population by working to provide the knowledge base and helping hand to create edible foodscapes and microfarms. The first goal being to empower citizens of Polk County to eat healthier and make lasting economic impact on home budgets. The end goal being to make a replicable program throughout our region and the country.

Download the Grow Food Where People Live Curriculum used in our garden training featuring 13 full length lessons. This curriculum was site tested and prepared by UNCA Professor Alison Ormsby & student Julia Krebs-Moberg Grow Food Curriculum


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