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Hello Everyone, My name is Joseph, Recently moved to the Green Creek area. I currently assist in building custom furniture for The Fairwinds Company. My schedule is usually 9am-12 noon, but some days the job requires longer hours.. I also work and live on a small homestead. I'm a pretty goofy guy with an odd sense of humor. I learn quickly, especially if I am hands on. I'm confident I can get almost any job done either with the knowledge I have or by taking some time to research and learn the knowledge and skills needed. I am hoping to get more involved and learn the ins and outs of small scale commercial farming/agriculture. I am also playing with the idea of opening a small artisan woodworking business and selling my items and the farmers markets. 2009-2013 I was enlisted in the USAF maintaining TF33 aircraft engines. Before that I was doing the typical high school / college routine. 2013-2014 I was traveling through the US and spent a year traveling in Australia seeing some cool things and meeting some awesome people. 2014-2016 I returned to school at Prescott College in Arizona studying adventure education and sustainable community development. Some family issues arose and I decided being closer to family was more important. 2016 - Present I now live in the Green Creek area where I have been helpxing and working at a small custom furniture company. BASIC KNOWLEDGE / SKILLS IN: > Tree Removal > Building / Carpentry / Woodworking > Gardening > Driving Manual Transmission Vehicles > Landscaping > Nutrition & Exercise (Self Taught) > Computers / Electronics > First Aid > Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Cert (have not been practicing for awhile though) > Aircraft Engine Maintenance (3.5 Years USAF) > I am also spending my time studying various other subjects that interest me. HOBBYS / RECREATION: > Rock climbing / Bouldering > Slacklining > Hiking > Camping > Guitar (pretty atrocious, but learning) > Board Games > Reading > Fitness KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS I WISH TO GAIN OR IMPROVE UPON: > Permaculture > Biofuels > Carpentry & Woodworking > Sustainable / Alternative Living Practices > Boating / Sailing > Yoga > Nutrition > Vehicle Maintenance > Sustainable Building Methods > Renewable Energy Technologies > Tiny Home Construction > Strength Training > Scuba-diving GOALS / HOPES: > Develop long lasting relationships with locals > Submerse myself in the regions culture and environment > Gain useful knowledge about the regions people, culture, and environment > Use the knowledge I've gained to grow personally > Learn new beneficial skills > Give back in someway as a thank you for everything I have been given I have learned when working with / for Hosts on projects / tasks it is extremely beneficial for me to have a clear & detailed explanation of the end result. Also when starting a project knowing if all materials / tools required are present or if they need to be picked up is very helpful. I have been in many situations before where I was simply asked to start a project by a host without adequate info and soon found out they knew they didn't have all the required tools or materials, but for some reason they did not pass along that info. In the end the project took much longer to complete and made the job less enjoyable. Finally I want to say thank you for taking the time to read through my profile.

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FInish Carpenter, Farm hand

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