Barn Raising

Barn Raising is the idea that together our community can and does support it’s local farmers and rural way of life. You will see us saying often that farming isn’t easy but neither is accounting, teaching, retail, or most lines of work. They all have their trials and tribulations but in the end we together form our community and together we decide what type of community in which we want to live. Our area has a long history of agriculture and we all want to keep it that way. In order to keep things the same we have to work hard to protect our farms. GRO focuses on helping farmers understand and connect with consumers while helping those same consumers better understand and access farms and farmers.


Premier in importance on an everyday level – increasing the relationship between farmers and consumers will be at the heart of each of our activities. For farmers – increasing market opportunities, finding new and engaging markets, increasing farm profitability, and supporting new programs and projects. For consumers – increasing availability of products, increasing knowledge of farmer hardships & successes, increasing local food consumption through food preparation education, and supporting gardening and growing efforts.

Are you a farmer interested in working with GRO? A consumer needing information? Please feel free to contact us and we will be excited to help you.


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